St. Nicholas Church, Silton, Dorset

   St Nicholas Church
   Silton, Dorset
   SP8 5PR

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Chairman: Keith Harris 01747 840288
Secretary: Marian Honnywill 01747 840507
  Shirley Rice 01747 840126




Soup Lunches in the Village Hall:
It is with much regret that the team delivering Soup Lunches over the years have taken the decision to step down.  Although we have enjoyed running this event for the last 20 years, Anno Domini has sadly caught up with us.  It has been very successful and given a lot people much pleasure; if anyone else would like to pick up the mantle in the future that would be terrific.  My thanks to all the team past and present for making soup and serving it and who have been so supportive over the years, also many thanks to all who have supported the Village Hall Soup Lunches.

Marian Honnywill




Wyndham Artists:  Thursday mornings, 10.30 a.m.   To book a place contact:
Richard Jenkins or 01747 824013



Annual Parochial Church Meeting:  Tuesday 25th April 2023 at 5:30 p.m.  All Welcome.


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