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Dear Friends,

One of the first places many people turn to in the Blackmore Vale Magazine is 'Family Announcements' – Births, Marriages and Deaths (the D-word).

The Church has, as ever, been remembering the D-word; the D-event of Good Friday and that brief burial in a stone-cold tomb.  But the remembering did not stop at the D-event. The Church moves us on to the R-event;  Resurrection into the life that awaits us all.  Then there will be, on the 10th May, the A-event.  A = Ascension.  It has been, and always will be, 40 days after the Resurrection – which is, and always will be, a Sunday.   So Ascension Day is, and always will be on a Thursday, 40 days following Easter Day.  So on 10th May at 6.00 p.m. there will be Holy Communion and hymns in Silton Church.  At that Service we remember the Ascension of the living Christ Jesus into the final mystery we call heaven;  not 'up to' heaven;  not 'as far as' heaven;  but INTO heaven.   INTO the last mystery that awaits us all.  That statement gets the little grey cells going!   It's so worthwhile having something to  get one's teeth into – although that's not literally true, because the brain does not have teeth; and the A-event exercises and stretches the brain;  gives those little grey cells of ours something worth thinking about.

To keep our hopes and joy alive and kicking, we then have the HS-event.  The Holy Spirit - poured out by God upon all who want to believe in the truth of things;  not least the truth as lived and taught by Jesus.  A bit of truth in these crazy days when we have 'false news' is truly reassuring.  The Holy Spirit is as free as the air we breathe;  and God knows how much we are in need of cool, clean, unpolluted air.  The HS-event was, and always will be, 50 days after Easter.  The HS-event has two names;  one is Pentecost – which is Greek for, (can you guess?) YES! 50!  The other is Whitsunday – because the Church has traditionally worn white clothes, often called vestments, to celebrate this great event.   Just as we wear white at Easter, white at Christmas, white for marriages and white for baptisms.  White is for celebration.   The Church always has, and always will celebrate Pentecost.

I do hope we have some warmer weather.  Then we can celebrate, not only by coming to church, but also have the conditions so that we can get our gardens into shape;  and even find time to sit in them and take in the beauty of all things bright and beautiful.  Time to relax in the cool of the day;  time to watch the moon rise;  time to look up at the stars and reflect on the mystery of the universe, the mystery of creation.

I hope you will be as pleased as Sue and I are by the forthcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan; and the safe birth of Louis Arthur Charles, Prince of Cambridge. The announcements of that marriage and of that birth will not be found in the Blackmore Vale Magazine, but we are free to celebrate these events if we wish.  I do so hope we will have the weather which can be called 'summer weather'.  Then we can celebrate the SW-event!  And enjoy your new potatoes - we will!

God bless you.                                                                    Bede Cooper


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