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New Beginnings

September is the beginning of the new school year (almost the beginning of the new football year!) and a place to start again or anew for lots of other areas of life, especially with COVID as we learn week by week what and how we can begin again.


I think you will probably have memories of school in September.  Perhaps you can remember your very first day at school. I can.  Standing small in a crowd of grown-ups and children outside Waterton Road Infant School. The beginning of the new school year brings memories of shiny black new school shoes, and new school uniforms that were slightly too big for you. Bought for you to grow into. I always had butterflies in my stomach at the start of a new school year, before settling again into the swing of things. Remembering all these things we pray for all those students at school, college and university, starting or starting again this September. We pray too for families, staff and governors and all associated with the lives of our neighbourhood schools, and all who live here who work further afield in the field of education.


In the life of the church this new month brings returning and new activities. Climate Sunday is on September the 5th, ahead of COP26 to be held in Glasgow in November; Ride and Stride, the fund-raising initiative for historic churches across the country takes place on Saturday 11th September - how well we have all taken part (Peter W. and others) and how much we have gained from the Dorset Historic Churches Trust. 


On 12th September Salisbury Diocese's Generous Giving campaign begins. Bishop Karen has written to us all to remind us of God's good gifts to us, to encourage thankfulness amongst us, and to ask us to continue or begin to be generous givers. Thanks be to God, Silton is a generous church and community, in time, tithe and talent. The call to be generous givers is a foundational part of Christian discipleship.  The unintended consequence of such generosity for our own benefit, happiness and well-being is part of the shared wisdom of humanity.  The call for each parish to give something to the diocese means that ministry can truly be shared from the village to the city, the smallest congregation to the largest, and the least well off to the most wealthy.


Let us pray for one another and think of one another as we begin or begin again this September.

God bless
love Peter

Canon Peter Greenwood 

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