St. Nicholas Church, Silton, Dorset

   St Nicholas Church
   Silton, Dorset
   SP8 5PR

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Welcome to the website of St Nicholas Church, Silton, Dorset.

Priest Canon Bede Cooper 01963 250503
Churchwardens David Masters 01747 840288
  Anne Bridge 01963 31983

On this site we hope to provide you with all the news and information about St. Nicholas Church and the Parish of Silton in Dorset.  If anyone wishes to post relevant information on the site, please could they e-mail their material to one or other of the Churchwardens, who will be responsible for the content.

To find St. Nicholas Church, please click here.

The sign at the entrance to the churchyard shows that car parking is at a little distance up the road, and this is at Manor Farm. It is by kind permission of the owner, Keith Harris, but it should be emphasised that Manor Farm is a fully working farm with large machinery moving around so visitors are requested to park sensibly in the yard in front of the large barn and not on the road itself or surrounding areas of grass. On special occasions the adjacent field may be made available for parking. It should be noted that parking is at a farm yard or in a field, with in places, an uneven surface, and not formally designed, modified or approved as a car park so that visitors do so at their own risk.


Thank you to everyone who so generously contributed presents under the Christmas tree – they not only filled the boot of the car but the back and passenger seats as well!   And they were very gratefully received by the Women’s Refuge Committee.

Details of our Christmas Charity giving are given on the PCC page.

Next PCC Meeting: Tuesday, 31st January at 5.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

There is always a collection box in the Church porch for donations to the Food Bank in Gillingham which is regularly emptied (there are some lists inside it indicating what they are most pleased to receive) and they are always very grateful.

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